James St Clair

James is a Freemason of the Scottish-Rite & Grand Master of the Knights Templar, and an expert on ancient weapons and fighting styles.


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Name: (Sir) James St Clair
Age: 38
Citizenship: Dual / USA & British (Scotland)

Freemason of the Scottish-Rite, North American Southern Jurisdiction
Rank: 33rd degree
—Member of the Masonic Supreme Council ( 1 of 33 members ) / resultant title: “Knight Commander of the Court of Honour” & “Sovereign Grand Inspector General”
—Currently and secretly the “Grand Master” of the Order of “The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon” (i.e: Knights Templar)

Former military: 10 years total, 5 years in special ops. Rank: Major / granted a waiver for early retirement 7 years ago.

Expert on ancient / medieval / renaissance weapons, fighting styles.
Weapon smith (ancient through modern).
Expert on Templar history and Masonic history.
Professional jouster, medieval / renaissance weapons fighter, and ARMA member.
Professional consultant for all of the above.

James is of the St Clair bloodline of Scotland.
The Scoto-Norman surname Sinclair comes from the Clan Sinclair whose progenitors were from Saint Clare, Normandy, and conquered England with William the Conqueror in 1066 then moved to Scotland and were given the land of Roslin, Midlothian by the King of Scots.

The style Sinclair is the most common styling. It has its origins in Scotland and is a derivation of the original French “de Saint-Clair”; although the name has also been styled “Santoclair”, “de St. Clair”, “Sainclair”, “Synklar” and many more across the centuries.
Those of the direct noble bloodline maintain the St Clair spelling.
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James St Clair

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